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Look alive, sunshine

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2am, 2ne1, 2pm, 30 seconds to mars, angst, animal rights, animals, anime, ayano yamane, big bang, bisexuality, blair sandburg, bloody monday, books, bruce campbell, buddhism, burton "gus" guster, cats, cho kyuhyun, choikang changmin, christian kane, creativity, dbsk, dean winchester, doctor who, dong bang shin ki, dukes of hazzard, eliza dusku, eunhyuk, f(x), faith, family, fandom, fanfiction, fiction, films, garett maggart, gay rights, getbackers, goddesses, han geng, henry lau, horror, hurt/comfort, individuality, j-rock, j/k/cpop, jack off jill, james roday, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jason mewes, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jim ellison, jim/blair, joe firstman, jonathan brandis, joss whedon, jsquared, k-pop, kane, kat-tun, kazuya kamenashi, kevin smith, kim heechul, kim kibum, kim ryeowook, kpop, lee donghae, lee sungmin, leeteuk, legends, life, love, lyrics, magic, male/male, matt dallas, mblaq, men, micky yoochun, miura haruma, movies, music, my ruin, mystics, mythology, myths, photography, poetry, pretty boys, psychological thrillers, psychology, rats, reading, richard burgi, rodents, rps, saiyuki, sam and dean, sam winchester, sam/dean, sarcasm, sato takeru, sci-fi, shakespeare, shinee, short stories, snake river conspiricy, snsd, stationery, steve carlson, stopping plagiarism, stopping plagiarists, super junior, supernatural, taguchi junnosuke, takaba akihito, tarot, tattoos, the moon, the sentinel, the steve carlson band, tohoshinki, tv shows, tvxq, u-know yunho, viewfinder, weiss kreuz, women, writing, xiah junsu, yami no matsuei, yesung, youngwoong jaejoong, zhou mi
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